Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OM.2008.021 - Luc Fierens - Belgium

Undress someones and kiss the navel of his/her body.
Take a balloon. Blow. Let it go. Say:
‘Goodbye’ !!!
Take a rose, cut off the thorns. Give it to someone !!
Take lipstick, do your lips and kiss a bald
Undress someone and put lipstick on his/her buttocks!!
 Ask a child to dance with you. 1 minute.
Ask a young woman/ man to dance with you.
1 minute.
Ask a middle-aged person to dance with you.
1 minute.
Ask an old woman to dance with you.
1 minute.
Dance with yourself. 1 minute.
Blow a balloon. Take a child’s hand. Give it a kiss and
Slimegame : ask two persons to wrestle in mud with two lipsticks,
the first one  who has a lipstick mark on his nose is the loser.
Light a candle! Go to the nearest café and wait for the Godot!
Put  a stamp on your head and deliver yourself to the nearest museum.
If you are not accepted. Take a shower. Light a candle and start dieting!

1987 Luc Fierens

OM.2008.020 - Luc Fierens - Belgium


                        Prop for exhibition Take a balloon. Blow. Let it go. Say:‘Goodbye’ !!! 
                                                                     Luc Fierens - Belgium 

OM.2008.019 - Madawg - USA


Madawg - Fluxhibition #2

OM.2008.019 - Reed Altemus - USA

fluxhibition #2
Reed Altemus - artistamps

Sunday, January 29, 2012

OM.2008.018 - Eva Eun-Sil Han - Belgium

 OM.2008.018 - Eva Eun-Sil Han - Belgium - Touche - 2007 - collage on paper - 9x12 inches

This is a antique book illustration with collage elements. The work takes on a surrealistic dynamic from the artist cleverly turning the illustration upside down and using the plume of smoke as if a billowing sleeve for the female hand element thus deemphisizng the gravity of the landscape and increasing the spiritual aspect by the hand materializing out of the smoke gently touching the opening of a rose. Perhaps a comment on a female twist of Michaelangelo's famous scene of God touching the hand of Adam, infusing him with life. The rose in this case representing Eve perhaps.

OM.2008.017 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA

OM.2008.017 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA - envelope with collage, mail art

OM.2008.014,015,016 - Landkee - USA

OM.2008.014,015,016 - Landkee - USA
Three collages

OM.2008.013 - Kimberly Santiago - USA

OM.2008.013 - Kimberly Santiago - USA - Mixed media collage on panel

OM.2008.012 - James Seehafer - Germany

OM.2008.012 - James Seehafer - Germany - Massurrealis Stamp Sheet

OM.2008.011 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA

OM.2008.011 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA - postcard collage

OM.2008.010 - Frank Turek - USA

OM.2008.010 - Frank Turek - USA - unusual square postcard collage with compartment for a booklet - 4x4 inches

OM.2008.009 - Cynthia Russell - USA

OM.2008.009 - Cynthia Russell - USA - postcard collage

OM.2008.006,007,008 Christian Heinrich - Germany

OM.2008.006,007,008 Christian Heinrich - Germany - Mixed Media collages

OM.2008.005 - Ka Smith - Ireland

OM.2008.005 - Ka Smith - Ireland - mixed media on cardboard

OM.2008.004 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA

OM.2008.004 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA - collage on paper

OM.2008.003 - Scott Gordon - USA

OM.2008.003 - Scott Gordon - USA - collage on panel

OM.2008.002 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA

OM.2008.002 - Jerome D'Angelo - USA - Envelope mixed media collage

OM.2008.001 - Pal Csaba - Hungary - Mail Art

OM.2008.001 - Pal Csaba - Hungary - Postcard -